Want to estimate how much propane does a tankless water heater use before buying it? We’ll tell how to calculate it.

You will not have a huge increase in the utility bills because it will cost much less than electric tankless water heaters. You must have heard that propane heaters are energy saving.

Besides, some crucial factors will define how much gas does a tankless water use.

Calculate How Much Propane Does A Tankless Water Heater Use!

In the US, the propane is measured in gallons, and you will have the simple formula to calculate it. 

Divide the tankless water heaters BTU level by 92,000 and multiply it with the heater’s running hours.

Below are the important factors that will assist you in estimating the propane calculation. The propane consumption will surely depend on these factors.

You can reduce or increase the propane gas consumption no matter how many family members you have at your residence.

  • Temperature

An important feature that you’d encounter is propane consumption. You have to adjust the temperature of the heater. 

Some areas do not have enough propane temperature to heat the water in less time. The time of heating the water will depend on the consumption of the heater with propane gas usage.

The propane pressure areas are goodwill consume less energy, you will have warm water in less time. 

The high temperature will automatically consume less propane as compared to the low temperature. You can fine-tune the temperature as per the need of your residence. 

We cannot give you the exact estimate about propane consumption because it will depend on how many months you’ll be using it.

  • People In A House

Another important factor that can increase or reduce propane consumption is the number of people in a house. 

Having more family members will automatically cause more bills, the propane consumption will be increased as well.

  • 2 persons in the house will consume 15 gallons of propane hot water Four persons will require 25 gallons5 persons will consume at least 40 gallons.
  • 2 persons in the house will consume 15 gallons of propane hot water Four persons will require 25 gallons5 persons will consume at least 40 gallons.

With the above-given figures, you will know how much propane will be consumed in a month. 

It is the average figure, and you can easily estimate how much water a family can consume.

  • Hardness Of Water

If your residence has a hard water supply or water contains many ions dissolved, then the amount of propane consumption will be increased. We recommend installing a water softener at your place, so the propane consumption becomes low.

Best of all, the water will heat up quickly because it is not having the hard ions. Let us tell you that propane will not increase the utility bills as the other kinds of heaters. 

You will have warm water in a house without putting much pressure on your overall house expenses.

If you are in the misconception that hot water will reduce the hardness in water, then you’re mistaken. You have to take some measures to decrease the hardness in water for quick heating. 

Hardness is an important factor in reducing or increasing propane consumption.

The tankless propane heaters are the most energy-efficient and reliable in heating the water. The propane tankless water heater will be a one-time investment for many years. 

You will have an efficient water heating mechanism with any propane heater of a good brand. 

Thanks for reading our article!

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